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At Platinum we built our business realizing that the best way to be successful is to make your ongoing satisfaction our top priority.

We look forward to helping you with all of your Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express® credit card processing needs both now, and as your business grows.

One of the highest approval rates in the industry!
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Customer Services

Our goal is to establish a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with each and every customer. Optimum customer service and superior product has always been our objective.

When problems happen, fast resolution can save the business day. Our 24/7 customer and technical support service-is free and it's live. Our friendly experts are here to take calls and answer emails regardless of the day and hour.

Our frontline customer service team quickly handles funding and processing requests, general service-related questions, and call routing.

Risk and Fraud Monitoring

We continuously monitor processing activity to help our merchants reduce risk and prevent fraud. Our risk department is here to help our merchants understand and use best practices for electronic card acceptance. We provide information to help merchants understand the credit card authorization process and become informed about averting fraud, avoiding costly errors, and more.

Credit card transaction reports. Merchants can choose from 35 pre-set reports or create reports using custom criteria. Reports can be sorted by day, card type, operator, batch, and much more.

Gift card transaction reports. Merchants can review gift transactions for one store or an entire chain. They can check the number of cards with outstanding balances, track redeemed cards, and verify proper load amounts.

Daily settlement, deposit, and statement reports. We provide daily batch detail and deposit reports so merchants can keep track of anticipated deposit volume, daily discount totals from the last closed batch, and chargeback and return totals. Online monthly statements show information for the past 30 days.

PCI compliance

Credit Card Fraud and Data Security breach is becoming a huge problem in the Credit Card Processing Industry. Collectively, it has cost the Card Issuers billions of dollars over the last few years, and the numbers are increasing exponentially as the number credit card and debit card users continues to grow. This is a very serious issue which affects not only the Card Issuers but everyone involved including credit card processors, settlement banks, merchants both retail, wholesale and internet and, of course, the cardholder.

As a result, the Card issuers, Visa, Master Card, Discover and Amex have become very strict with polices on how the banks, processors and merchants need to deal with the processing and storage of cardholder data and which terminals and secure payment gateways may be used to process credit card and debit card transactions. They are holding the banks and processors accountable not only for the security of their own data but that of the merchants as well. Any breach or theft of cardholder data either at the bank and processor end or the merchant end results in severe fines being assessed to the banks and the processors from the card issuers. Recently several major banks and processors were hacked and hundreds of thousands of credit card numbers were in fact stolen. This resulted in huge fines and penalties being handed down by the card issuers on top of all of the cost and additional expenses and manpower to clean up the disaster.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard also known as PCI DSS was implemented by the card associations to protect cardholder data and prevent credit-card fraud. (PCI) compliance is no different than having a business license or tax ID, they are all required. All merchants are required to provide an annual attestation of compliance, which means that a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) must be submitted and attested to yearly. In addition to the SAQ, merchants who process credit cards through an Internet connection may need a quarterly vulnerability scan. Watch the video and follow the links below to learn everything you need to know about PCI.

Data Security

PCI Security Standards Council


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